Sausage, Peppers & Onions

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A classic, hearty meal with sweet Italian sausages and peppers + onions!

Please refrigerate upon delivery and use within 3-5 days.  Can freeze up to three months.


Microwavable – Individual portion in a microwave-safe plastic container.  2 sausages

Oven Ready – Individual. 2 sausages

Dinner for 2 – Oven ready foil pan. 5 sausages

Family Dinner – Oven ready foil pan. 12 sausages

For the Grill –  6x Raw Sausages, Raw Sliced Peppers + Onions


Includes italian sausage, peppers, onions, spices, salt, pepper, vegetables


Additional information

Serving Size

Microwavable Meals (Serves 1), Oven-Ready Meals (Serves 1), Dinner for Two, Family Meals (Serves 4-6), For the Grill (Raw, 6 Sausages)


italian sausage, peppers, onions, red sauce, spices, salt, pepper, starch, vegetable

Heating Instructions

  1. Reheat in microwave on high for 3-5 minutes or until hot.